Erin Trieb

Erin Trieb


Here's the Latest...


Oct - Back from Afghanistan, already missing the troops. Lots of work to be done... email, email, email...

March - Erin is tired of redoing her website, but is going to keep working on it! :)

Jan - Erin is excited about the New Year! And she is finally redoing her website!!!


No updates for 2008, and no, this doesn't count as an update


Oct - Eddie Adams Workshop

Sept - Exhibited work at nightly screening while attending the Visa Pour L'image Festival in Perpignan, France.

April - American Photography winning (appearing in AP 23 Annual)

Going to Amsterdam to attend the World Press Photo Award Days...

March - POYi Magazine News Stories Award (2nd place)

(New clients!) Published in The London Times and Texas Monthly

February - World Press Photo award!...Portrait Stories Award (3rd place)